Garlic Mayonnaise (Quick Aioli)

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A quick version of our favorite condiment. Use it as an accompaniment to roasted vegetables, grilled chicken, or grilled Smoky Artichokes, or spread it on a burger instead of regular mayonnaise. The possibilities are endless!
3 (or 4) large cloves garlic, peeled
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup good quality mayonnaise, divided use
1 In a blender, combine garlic and olive oil. Blend as smooth as possible.

2 Add 1/4 of mayonnaise. Blend on high until there are no visible chunks of garlic.

3 Whisk garlic mixture into remaining mayonnaise. Thin with a bit of olive oil, if desired. Can be served immediately or made up to 8 hours ahead. The flavor improves after a melding period of at least 15 minutes.

cup  use metric
original recipe yield: 1 Cup
Notes For good market mayonnaise, we recommend Spectrum or Best Foods which is known as Hellman''s in the East. A food processor works more finely than a blender. A word of caution: the texture of the aioli need not be absolutely smooth; having it somewhat 'sandy' with garlic holds flavor longer.

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