Smoked Turkey


Smoking with an Electric smoker produces a great feast. Taking care of the bird is key. This goes well with Gratin of Celery Root and Potato.
1 whole 12 pound turkey (1/2 pound per person)
16 cups water (enough to cover turkey)
1/2 cup salt
2 fresh bay leaves
6 black pepper corns
1 large sprig of rosemary
3 good sprigs of thyme
2 cups of smoking chips
1 teaspoon finely ground pepper
2 cups smoking wood - apple and hickory.
Smoker drip bath of 1 orange peel, 4 cups water & 1 leftover bottle of red wine
1 Wash turkey thoroughly. Season turkey all over with 1/4 cup salt and some ground pepper.

2 Heat up a little water in pot large enough to brine the turkey. Add 1/4 cup salt. When dissolved add pepper corns & bay and enough cold water to cover turkey.

3 Put in turkey, seal with lid and let rest overnight.

4 Next morning, remove turkey from water to drain FOR AT LEAST four hours. Press salt onto skin all over bird. Separate thyme and rosemary leaves and stuff inside cavity, and press under wing and leg joints. Let rest and drain from both ends.

5 After bird is thoroughly drained, start smoker and smoke for 4 hours with wood of choice.

6 Make bath of orange peel water, and old red wine.

7 Put bird in smoker starting with a lot of wood and then just a chunk every hour or so.

8 After 4 hours test to remove bird when moistness and clear juices run.

servings  use metric
original recipe yield: 8 Servings
Notes A cheap Sears electric smoker does the job. Wine that goes with this dish: Pinot Noir or Dry Red Table Wine.

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