Sarah Freeman's Planter's Punch

Our friends Judith Bruno and Roland Alden throw terrific parties, and their May brunch usually features this lovely take on Planter's Punch. Since ripe produce is not always available in May, good quality canned fruit is used (preferably home canned). Start this 5 days ahead to marinate the base.
Incredibly drinkable and looks great.
Yield 30 servings

4 cups apricots, with their juice
1 large can cling peaches (not freestone) in light syrup with juice
1 large can pears, drained (do not use the juice)
3 small cans Del Monte Tropical Fruit salad with juice
1 one bottle Mount Gay Dark Barbados Rum
12 liters sparkling white wine or Champagne

1 In a large bowl or jar with cover, combine all of the fruit, plus the juice of all but the pears.
2 Add bottle of rum.
3 Cover and refrigerate for 4-5 days.
4 Chop fruit to bite-sized.
4 To serve, add ice to the punch bowl, add about 1 cup of fruit and rum per bottle of sparkling wine.


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