Ruby's Pulled Pork Sandwich

The best Carolina Pulled Pork we've ever had is in Austin, Texas. RUBY's BBQ is a little house north of the UT campus. Ruby's, not Rudy's, the chain. Eager to recreate this sandwich, we tried many recipes until a friend was kind enough to share a recipe for the process for smoked pork shoulder. No smoker? See Smoked Pulled Pork. No smoker? Cook Oven Braised Pulled Pork.
Yield 8 servings

4 pounds pulled pork, Oven braised, or Smoked (preferred)
8 sandwich buns, toasted
1 recipe Carolina Coleslaw (next page)

1 Pile pork on toasted buns, then top with coleslaw.

notes The restaurant Ruby's on 512 W 29th Austin is not to be confused with the Rudy's chain. The original was served with Stilwell's BBQ sauce, no longer made.
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