Coconut Milk Drink and Dessert

Pacific, Asian

Refreshing drinks like coconuts also provide their own dessert. This beverage complements Vietnamese Pepper Crab. There are two types of coconut in the market. The mature brown hairy ball coconut that has been extracted from a large husk, and the young coconut that is currently shaped into a white triangular domed cylinder.
4 coconuts, tops removed to expose coconut meat
4 straws
1 Chill coconuts for at least one hour. Near icy-cold is best.

2 Open and remove cap of coconut (see note.) Insert straw. Drink!

3 When the coconut is empty of juice, use spoon to dig out the white meat that hangs to the wall of the shell. The crown might need to be cut deeper. Another approach is to fully crack open the shell and put the white meat in a bowl to eat.

servings  use metric
original recipe yield: 4 Servings
Notes NOTE On Opening a Young Coconut Young coconuts have a whiter husk and are often shaped to a triangular domed cylinder. Insert small short knife and find shell. Turn coconut, cutting off the triangular dome. Remove dome to show white meat. This can be pierced with the end of a straw.

A useful culinary device for young coconuts is the Coco-Jack, a sharp round steel cylinder that you hammer to break through and pry off the top crown.

On Opening a Mature Brown Coconut Find the softest of the 3 indentations at the top of the coconut by pressing with a knife end. Push through one and carve out a circular hole. Pass straw through and enjoy. If your coconut has an off-taste, then it is too ripe to enjoy the juice. The flesh will usually taste quite good. When drained, crack shell with a mallet or give it the Hawaiian spin crack. Find a hard, solid surface, such as a driveway or sidewalk. Grab the coconut one end in each hand. Throw it up in the air with a reverse spin. When the nut hits the ground it fractures in the middle.

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