Herb-Infused Vinegars

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Shirley Hodge won for her adaptable recipes for herb-infused vinegar in the "Abundance of Herbs" category in the Foodie Kitchen Recipe Contest. Shirley learned how to make them from her grandmother who taught Shirley how to cook during WWII. Shirley says, "Shortages and rationing made cooking good, tasty food a real challenge, but she was an expert at it and the use of cider vinegar. Her 'mixes' as she called them adorned our dining room table every meal."
The Tarragon Vinegar is a good base for salad dressings and marinades. The Rosemary Vinegar is good added to burgers before grilling or sprinkled on steaks that have been seared. The Tres Verts Vinegar is tasty over raw veggies and hard-boiled eggs.
1 Pint of Apple Cider Vinegar for each flavor you are making.

Tarragon Vinegar:
2 tarragon sprigs
1 clove garlic (unpeeled)

Rosemary Vinegar:
2 stems rosemary
2 whole black peppercorns (cracked, not crushed)
3 yellow mustard seeds (cracked, not crushed)

Tres Verts Vinegar:
4 basil leaves (bruised)
4 young beet leaves (bruised)
4 young spinach leaves (bruised)
3 strips lemon zest

Kosher salt to taste
1 After deciding on a flavor, add the listed herbs to the vinegar and reseal the bottle.

2 Let stand for 6-7 days, then strain into bottle.

3 Before serving, add salt if desired.

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original recipe yield: 1 Pint

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